Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Conversational marketing summit quotes

I'm at Federated Media's conversational marketing summit in the Presidio in San Francisco. A few notable quotes.

Scott Cook, Founder Intuit - "Best way to kill a brand is to drive people to a product that won't delight them."

Jeff Weiner, Yahoo! "We make money by understanding the intention of people's attention. From a media perspective the media is becoming object oriented. To the extent you can allow media objects to become embedded, that object has value."

Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman Ogilvy "67% of economy influenced by "word of mouth"

Ross Levinsohn, Former President Fox Interactive Media "All we're doing is waiting for the advertisers to catch up. If I could reset the world I would make all music free... the real money [for the artist] is in touring, but the labels don't make any money that way.... the executives at the music companies are hanging on by their fingernails waiting to retire."

Jon Miller, Former CHairman & CEO AOL "All the big search companies are trying to become the operating system for advertising."

Carla Hendra, Co-CEO Ogilvy "Only 2% of women worldwide think they are beautiful. 85% of women said they felt worse about themselves after looking at a fashion magazine."

Plus, lots of YouTube videos and questions that all map back to "so how do you make money again"?

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