Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yahoo Mash - new network or fun feature?

Yahoo Mash was “accidentally leaked” this week to the NYT according to this post by Saul Hansell on the NYT Bits blog yesterday. A social network where you can mess with your friends’ pages. MySpace ugly meets Facebook friend access without basic communication features. Hmmm.

Interesting comment by Saul’s on why Y!’s last social networking foray, 360 didn’t get more traction: “the site was so utilitarian that no one used it.” Not sure I buy that. Exhibit LinkedIn. Social utilitarianism works if there is utility to the utility.

Mash sounds to me like a cross between a cool feature, more akin to the many cute Facebook applications that let you mess with your friends profiles, and a network where you can hang out with your friends. Unclear to me why Y! chose to built YASN (yet-another-social-network), rather than fix 360... "spray painting" somebody else's profile would seem like the perfect way to spruce things up a bit if they're too utilitarian. Wonder what the inside story is on this one?

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