Saturday, October 20, 2007


"a curved goat's horn overflowing with fruit and ears of grain that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance"... ah no that's not the definition I was looking for. How about: an inexhaustible store : abundance.

Where do I turn? How do I filter? What's worth following? Who should I listen to? And even if I answer those questions today, how about tomorrow? Then how do I get to it all?

I have a strong interest in politics and international affairs. I love the movies and I like to sail. Skiing is a passion. I'm in my forties and I suddenly care more about my health than I used to. Nutrition matters and I want to understand the effects of what society as we live it is doing to our planet - socially, culturally, environmentally. I'm a geek at heart and really like gadgets. I want to track what's going on in technology. I run a business and care about trends. I obsess about big questions and small ones too. I like to write code.... and so much more.

I am overwhelmed with too much information for me to process it in meaningful ways. Yet I love the fire hose of the useless and the profound that comes at me through the net every day. So I need help.

When I need help I turn to my friends. I think friends are the answer. I have really smart, really interesting friends. I need to convince them to be my filters? I must be a voice for them too?

My friends' opinions matter to me most. I should be able to tune to their attention.


Shefaly Yogendra said...

Surely it depends on whether your friends are just like you - in their concerns, their political lens, their preferences in reading. Does it not?

Or is serendipity allowed to play a role?

Unknown said...

Serendipity must absolutely be a part. I believe that my friends - at some scale - do form a filter that allows for serendipity.

Keep in mind that the definition of "friend" in the social network sense is a pretty broad definition. Acquaintances might be technically better, albeit a bit clinical.

zain said...
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ANWAR KHAN said...
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Unknown said...
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