Monday, January 7, 2008

No predictions

I make no predictions for 2008. None whatsoever. But were I to have predicted, what a juicy time it would be to have been making them. I may have made predictions about the new president of the USA, Sarkozy's arrogance, Putin, melting ice caps, the web 2.0 bubble, snowfall and ski conditions, the US dollar, Kenya, Pakistan, China, $100 / barrels of oil, green tech, Chilean seabass and other overfished fish, trade deficits, olpc, Iran, South Africa, morality, fashion, tech accessories, location based services, refugee crisis, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, craftsmanship, hybrid plugins, Plum, the Brazilian rain forests, cultures where I want to live, something beyond capitalism, war, peace, design, spirituality, atheism, net neutrality, LED lighting, European tech entrepreneurship, food...

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