Sunday, November 16, 2008

No new MacBooks for the digerati in Monaco

The people I see on the conference circuit tend to like gadgets - a lot. Most have or have had an iPhone by now. Some are on their second one as 3G became a "must". Others decided they didn't like it so they're sporting Nokia N95s or the latest Blackberries. Cameras - still and motion - with the highest megapixel and HD resolution is a part of the repertoire. Small is good, but big can be impressive too as witnessed by recent lusty comments over the announced new over the top Cannon EOS 5D Mark II. Its not uncommon for folks to show up with a dedicated (big) bag for the gizmos and cameras - yes David Sifry, that's you I'm talking about.

What was surprising at the Monaco Media Forum last week was the lack of new Macbooks. These hot, new, shiny, eco devices - where notable in their absence. This is the crowd that would normally have them first.

Might even the digerati be walking the talk? Cutting costs to the point that they're not picking up the latest, fastest and hippest of tech gadgets?

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Unknown said...

Guilty as charged!

As for the new macbooks, I'm not impressed. Macbook Air still has only 2GB RAM? Pul-lease! If they geve it 4GB it's be much more usable. And glossy screens only? Not that happy with that.

So I'll stick with my current Macbook Air and my Canon 5D (that is, until the 5D Mark II I have on pre-order finally ships!!!)