Sunday, September 23, 2012

How flat?

Exactly how flat is it? The world.

Pretty flat.

And getting flatter.

The more we share the flatter it gets. The more we open up the flatter it gets.

Flat is good... mostly.

Software-innovation-flat is riveting. It does not matter where you are. APIs connect.

Open-source flat is a revolution. Nothing less.

Hardware-innovation-flat is happening. Kickstarter helps. The maker movement helps. 3D printers help. Shenzhen accelerates, but might matter less as local eco-systems pop up everywhere.

Social-capital-flat is empowering. removes barriers to capital, in Kenya, in New Orleans, in Cambodia... in places where not much is needed to change lives.

Starbucks-flat is convenient at times, but really just the yuppie version of McDonalds-flat. I like the local coffee shop... if they have good tea.

Democracy-flat seems slower. Consent of the Networked explains why.

Flat is mostly good. Unquestionably happening. Unquestionably powerful. Unquestionably subversive.


David Kuller said...

the word "flat" carries with it a negative connotation, like the flat earth ignorance movement. don't you mean "connected"? "accessible"? down to earth. granulate, lowered barriers to entry, less capital intensive?

nonetheless, in all of this flatness, those of ignorance and arrogance persist if not grow. because they too are more connected, more facilitated, more empowered to propagate their version of reality. and most of all more driven.

the laid back illuminated folks may indeed be potentially empowered by what you call flatness, but are less prone to insist.

only time will tell which version dominates.

David Kuller said...


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